Energy Work Basics

Learn about energy work, the basics and structure, and how to visualize and hold energy. Kitchen witchery, chaos magic, and ceremonial magic(k) forms!

Sigils and Magical Art

Learn how to create and use a sigil! From famous sigils in history to modern magical use, the basics of sigil construction are easy to learn and can take practice to master.

Karma in Paganism and Witchcraft

Karma is an idea co-opted by neo-pagans and modern witchcraft, yet it retains its Hindu roots. Learn why karma and mindfulness can be incompatible.

The History of Tarot

The history of the Tarot is rife with cultural appropriation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something useful in it.

Energetic Cleansing Methods

An expansion of a 2017 post on smoke cleansing, this time with more nuance and detail on energetic cleansing vs grounding and centering.

Intuitive Tarot

I’ve been reading tarot since 1996. Which, incidentally, was my freshman year of high school. I picked up a book on tarot at the university bookstore on a whim. The title was Spiritual Tarot Seventy Eight Paths to Personal Development, and I still have no idea why it was on the shelf at the campus…

Breaking Hiatus

I’m back after an extended break; here to share gardening and witchcraft, and read Tarot to help pay the bills.

Sage and Smudging

How to perform a smoke cleanse; why is sage smudging culturally appropriative, and how do you avoid being negative towards other cultures?

Intuition and Divination

There is something special about being able to deeply connect to the divine, to the spirit world. In both Zen Buddhism and Shamanism, there’s a belief in the unseen. You only have to look just one layer removed from everyday awareness to find the real of the spirits, devas and djinn, greater and lesser entities…

Bodhichitta and Fear

As a left end of the spectrum politically person, the recent Presidential Election has left me adrift. I’ve got all these swirling feelings in my heart and mind, and picking just one to nail down and work on is proving very difficult. I suppose the most prevalent emotion is fear. Which is ironic, because on…