Conjunctions, Orbs, Astrology

Let’s talk about orbs for a hot minute. The “orb” is the allowable margin for aspects. If a conjunction is two placements in the same spot, what we mean isn’t just when they’re literally on top of one another, but when there’s a little give and room between them, too. For a conjunction, most sources…

Alternative Energy Work Methods

Alternative Grounding and Centering If you’ve had trouble with grounding and centering, you’re likely to have some issues with other forms of energy work, too. I’ve had a discussion with a student in the classroom and it’s brought to light some issues around neurodivergent people and what we call ‘normal’ vs ‘altered’ states of consciousness,…

Clearing, Cleansing, Banishing

One of the major operations of witchcraft and occultism involves clearing energy from spaces, things, and people, as well as banishing or removing ‘negative’ energies. Before we get into exactly how one does these things, let’s talk about what we mean when we say we need to cleanse. Negative Energies I’ll be talking about ‘negative’…

Empowering, Charging, Enchanting, Blessing

Empowering, Blessing, Charging, and Consecrating are all aspects of energy work, and of magick. Learning how to put energy into things will enhance your spellwork and energetic workings.

Raising Energy

Are you ready to raise energy? Do you know where and how to begin? Learn about energy work from the basics to the advanced techniques.

Spells 101

What is a spell? In Spirit of the Witch; Religion and Spirituality in Contemporary Witchcraft, Raven Grimassi writes that “the essential formula for magic is that three things are needed in order for manifestation to take place: time, space, and energy.” A spell is, broadly speaking, the framework in which energy is directed to cause…

Teaching Energy Work

I joined a witchcord server, and started teaching Energy Work, and now you get to benefit!

Cooking with Dried Beans; Pandemic Cooking 3

So, you panicked and bought a bunch of dried beans, and now you’re trying to cook them. And what you’ve got there is a pot full of hard, gummy, possibly crunchy, nuggets of sadness. Hopefully you at least googled dried bean cooking before you got started, but if you didn’t, it’s ok. Failure and mistakes…

Meat Tips; Pandemic Cooking 2

Pork and Beef are incredibly easy to prepare if you know a couple easy tricks. tip 1: season well. there is a trope in the home cooking world that white folks tend not to season our food. having eaten some home cooked meals from other families… it’s hard not to agree! don’t fear the seasoning….

Pandemic Cooking 1: Freezer Burned Rescue

In times of stress and uncertainty, I suddenly become my Nana, and cook all the things. Here’s some wisdom from my Nana, and from experience, about how to deal with meat that’s freezer burned; you don’t need to throw it out, you can still salvage it!