Crystal Grids

A crystal grid is likely something you’ve seen in a tiktok, youtube, or instagram post. They’re complex looking geometric arrangements of crystals, stones, and minerals that are aesthetically pleasing, and have ‘mystical’ meaning attached. The reputation that crystal grids has is one of immense power and impact; they aid in healing, empowering spells, and charging stones.

Based in Sacred Geometry, Crystal Grids have been used by practitioners of witchcraft and alternative healing methodologies in the modern era. Hippies in the 1970’s and 60’s began the counter-cultural swing away from urbanized and mass produced modalities, and embraced yoga, Chakra meditations, and crystals. Along the way, esoteric practices from Western Pagan Traditions crept in, and Sacred Geometry got involved. 

Plutarch credits Plato with the statement that “god geometrizes continuously”. Even as late as the work of Kepler the belief that a divine hand was at play in the mathematical symmetries of the natural world, underpinning the entire universe, was common. Arising with a renewed interest in chaos theory, Chaos Magick embraced the fuzzy logic and math of quantum physics, along with fractals and holographic theories, to re-imbue the natural world with mystical meaning. 

Every culture on the planet has at one time or another recognized that geometric shapes are awesome, and that they appear in nature. From the concept of a point in space vs. a vacuum (and thus the concept of ‘zero’ being added to mathematics), to a line, then a shape, and from there, three dimensional objects, geometry and the study of shapes in space has fascinated mankind. To see the divine and energy in the shapes and forms around us is normal, natural, and inevitable. And those shapes, fractal and otherwise, give rise to Sacred Geometry, and then to Crystal Grids.

Common Sacred Geometric Shapes

A collection of crystal grids common to new age and crystal healing paradigms.
Crystal Grids

The first and most obvious shape would be the Circle. A singular point, with further points in an array around the center at equal distance from that center. 

A triangle within a circle combines the beauty of the circle with an isosceles triangle, in which all three sides are of equal length, with the points at equal distance from the central point. An Isosceles triangle is the most stable shape, in which force imparted on one point is evenly distributed along both sides. It takes immense pressure to crush an isosceles triangle, and this fact has helped add to the mysticism of the shape, and the number 3, too.

Building upon basic shapes leads to more complex shapes.

An isosceles triangle inverted on another triangle to create a six pointed star; various angles at the vertices to create stars with any number of points, too. Prime numbers that cannot be divided by anything other than themselves and 1 are frequently featured in stars and Crystal Grids. Stacks of shapes to create complex grids are very common, too.

Metatron’s Cube

A popular complex shape used in both Sacred Geometry and Crystal Grids is Metatron’s Cube. Said to contain all five of the Platonic Solids, as well as all the shapes possible in the world, named after the archangel Metatron, the Voice of God, the grid shape is pleasingly complex. 

Building a Crystal Grid

Start in the middle of your space, and select a focus for the Grid. You can choose to use a single crystal, or some other item. You could build a grid to empower a sigil, for example, or to charge jewelry to wear, or even a tool for use in further rituals. Set your focus in the absolute center of your grid space.

Choose your main crystals, meant to provide their power and influence to your intention. Space these equally around the central focus item. From there, fill in via geometric patterns around the center with amplification stones or accessories that will help your main intent.

Activate your grid by raising energy and then applying that energy to the grid. Think of it like jump starting an engine. You can set your grid to do its work for any length of time; use astrological associations, the phase of the moon, or even associations with the days of the week, to determine how long to leave your crystal grid in place. 

You can increase your use of crystal grids by arranging a grid to empower or watch over a month, a moon cycle, a week, a space in your home, an area of your life… the sky’s the limit. You can also choose to totally ignore traditional Sacred Geometry and go wild with your design. Intuitive building of grid formations is often encouraged in Crystal Healing communities. 

On a macro scale, crystal grids have been used to aid healing, by incorporating a person into the formation. Crystals laid on and around a person, as they meditate with the stones, has been a facet of Reiki and other alternative healing methods. 


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