How To Hire Me

If you’re interested in hiring me, it’s actually surprisingly easy.

In order to earn a little spending money, I provide tarot readings to the general public. As I’m working on building up a client list, I’m starting out with special low prices. You can get a three card reading via email for $5, a ten card Celtic Cross for $25, or a full year forecast for $50. If you’d prefer a reading via Skype, I can do that, but it’s more expensive than the email readings: just add $10 to the cost.

Send your payment to my paypal, and then drop me an email with your question. The email’s the same for both:

IMG_20171013_185323If you’d like an intuitive reading, I can also provide that for you. However, it’s a bit more complicated than a simple tarot reading. For an intuitive read, I’ll need some information about you as well as an idea of the scope of what you’d like me to find out. Email me, at the above address, with both your question and your name, where you are in the world, and how deep you’d like me to look. I’ll get back to you with a quote for what you’re asking for, which if you agree, will be paypal’d to me and then I’ll have your answer in no less than three days.

For other services, I work on an ‘at will’ basis. Email me and ask, and if I can give you what you need, I’ll let you know. Lessons, advice, guidance, and other shamanic services are all well within my wheelhouse. You loose nothing by asking, and you just may get what you need. Don’t worry about the cost, I’ll justify what I ask of you in return for my efforts.

You see, sometimes what is asked is that I put myself into harms way on your behalf, or that I expend energy and effort for you that, by the nature of things, won’t be going to myself or my own loved ones. To keep the scales balanced, when I expend effort for you, you must give back to me the energy that I use for your needs. Energy in this culture is symbolized most easily by money. If you lived close enough to pay me with a live chicken, of course I’d accept barter. But money is easier to quantify.

I hope that if you do choose to reach out to me for my services that we can come to a mutually agreeable arrangement.