Book Review: Love Is In The Earth

Melody, Love Is In The Earth; a Kaleidoscope of Crystals, Updated; The Reference Book Describing the Metaphysical Properties of the Mineral Kingdom Earth-Love Publishing House 1999

A collection of LIITE books

Clocking in at 726 pages, this book is the quintessential resource for crystal and mineral magic, and if you’ve ever looked up any crystal information online since this book was first published in 1995, you’ve found Melody’s work with her name pulled off. In many ways, Melody’s work with crystals and minerals has been intensely formative and foundational to the field of crystal and gem magic, building on practices begun by the Aquarians, New Age mystics, and other occultists post 1950’s. This text has no other books listed as sources, and instead cites the information as deriving from “hands-on experience, geological research, folklore, experimentation, and channeled information”. 

The first 76 pages of this book cover a wide range of topics, from crystal configurations, numerical vibrations, methods of preparation, practical applications, and more! From cloud busting and weather control to dowsing, the etheric body, crystal grids, the laying on of stones, to using crystal wands, the entire modern conceptualization of crystal and gem magic is laid out. The remaining 650 pages are devoted to an alphabetic listing of crystals and gems, with no pictures in the book at all. It’s a wall of text, dense, and packed with information on the geology of various stones as well as metaphysical properties. 

Reader warning

Given that the text was first published in 1995, some topics are important to note that modern readers will likely object to. Melody refers to having spirit guides to assist her, and that said guides include Atlantean beings and Native American spirits. She also refers to chakras, specifically the seven chakra system most commonly found in Hinduism and modern Western mysticism. Given that the majority of the information she provides stands apart from information on which chakra a stone vibrates with, it’s entirely possible to use the text while omitting for oneself the questionable information.


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