Look at the Stars

We can see that for the slow moving placements, not much has changed in the last week. But what has changed is the Moon, and a couple of interesting things going on with the Pisces/Aries group.

May 9, 2022

Moon square the Sun, which means it’s First Quarter baby! Observe, however, those red lines. Moon opposite Saturn, and Sun square Saturn. When you have a pretty pattern like that, it’s called a T square. The opposition between the Moon and Saturn creates a push and pull situation between emotional undertow and expression with the Moon, and Saturns boundaries, restriction, and restraint. All that push and pull and back and forth resonates with the tension that is a square, in this case, both square to the Sun.

Expect your sense of your self to be put under pressure as you grapple with what you want and desire and what you have to do. You can turn the boundaries of Saturn, and the desires and giddy emotional expression of the Moon to your benefit: do what makes you happy, but set a timer and then go back to doing what pays the bills.

Mercury in Retrograde

Notice that Mercury is in Gemini, the sign it rules! Yay! Notice as well that tomorrow, may 10, 2022, Mercury goes retrograde. Its apparent motion will seem to be moving backwards in the sky. Some people equate a retrograde with difficulty, reversal, and doom and gloom. I tend to see a retrograde as the energy of the placement looking inward, rather than outward.

You may experience difficulty communicating, and, since it’s an inward looking vibe, difficulty thinking about yourself, your situation, what you want, where you want to be, how you want your life to be (see that sextile to Venus in Aries? Romantic woes in the communication department).

Be aware that the talky talky will be tricky dicky, so take your time, proofread before you hit send, and allow extra time to get tasks completed, and for travel and comunication to go through.

Let’s talk Aries and Pisces, and the group up there being steamy.

Venus is in Aries! Romance, love, desire, and connection between people gets a lovely dose of fire energy. You may feel the need to express how you feel to your loved ones!

Venus is conjunct Chiron, so you may also be feeling the desire to revisit old drama, old wounds, and drag those issues out for one last bonfire. This is not the time to try to message your toxic ex, however. Remember that Mercury retrograde? Put the phone down.

Jupiter is on the cusp of Aries, and we are excited for that! Jupiter is compassion, expansion, beneficial big Daddy vibes, and it’s been swimming in wet Pisces emotional swamp for a while. Time to dry out!

Mars continues in our swampy Pisces until May 25, so we must continue to endure the dampening of our drive and energy, but look forward to that transition and the sudden phwosh of energy towards the end of the month!

Interested in how these placements play out on an even deeper, personal level? You need a transit chart, your birth chart, and a biwheel. And someone to interpret, or a good book so you can interpret for yourself. Guess what you can pay me to do!


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