Ethical Crystals

Welcome to the second lesson for the Crystals 101 course I created in 2020! We’re going to learn about ethical crystal collecting, and why this should matter to you. Let me start by reassuring you that if you didn’t know this information before now, that’s ok! Everyone starts their journey towards morality and ethics at…

Look at the Stars

We can see that for the slow moving placements, not much has changed in the last week. But what has changed is the Moon, and a couple of interesting things going on with the Pisces/Aries group. Moon square the Sun, which means it’s First Quarter baby! Observe, however, those red lines. Moon opposite Saturn, and…

Crystal and Gem Magic Course

Crystals and Rocks Lesson 1 My philosophy for the courses I teach is simple: you get out of these classes what you put into them. If you want to apply yourself and really work, you’ll get a lot out of what I hope to offer to you. But, you can skim and still get a…

Clearing, Cleansing, Banishing

One of the major operations of witchcraft and occultism involves clearing energy from spaces, things, and people, as well as banishing or removing ‘negative’ energies. Before we get into exactly how one does these things, let’s talk about what we mean when we say we need to cleanse. Negative Energies I’ll be talking about ‘negative’…

Teaching Energy Work

I joined a witchcord server, and started teaching Energy Work, and now you get to benefit!

Pandemic Cooking 1: Freezer Burned Rescue

In times of stress and uncertainty, I suddenly become my Nana, and cook all the things. Here’s some wisdom from my Nana, and from experience, about how to deal with meat that’s freezer burned; you don’t need to throw it out, you can still salvage it!

Energy Work Basics

Learn about energy work, the basics and structure, and how to visualize and hold energy. Kitchen witchery, chaos magic, and ceremonial magic(k) forms!

Sigils and Magical Art

Learn how to create and use a sigil! From famous sigils in history to modern magical use, the basics of sigil construction are easy to learn and can take practice to master.

Karma in Paganism and Witchcraft

Karma is an idea co-opted by neo-pagans and modern witchcraft, yet it retains its Hindu roots. Learn why karma and mindfulness can be incompatible.

Energetic Cleansing Methods

An expansion of a 2017 post on smoke cleansing, this time with more nuance and detail on energetic cleansing vs grounding and centering.