Conjunctions, Orbs, Astrology

Let’s talk about orbs for a hot minute. The “orb” is the allowable margin for aspects. If a conjunction is two placements in the same spot, what we mean isn’t just when they’re literally on top of one another, but when there’s a little give and room between them, too. For a conjunction, most sources say an 8 degree orb is allowable. So anything within 8 degrees of another placement is in conjunction with it.

Take a look at Pisces, our lovely deep occult waters, and what’s going on there! Oh yeah, that’s a nice three way conjunction now between Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune!

April 23, 2022

What drives you and what you want, where you are generous and compassionate, and your dreams and creative urges, all piled up in one (basic) spot. Keep in mind that Neputne rules Pisces, so they’ve got a lovely little power up going on, and that a conjunction makes the energies blend into unity. They’re working together, is what I’m saying.

That whole conjunction is sextile to both Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Taurus, bringing us Earth elemental energy, groundedness, and yet more lovely occult and communication vibes. Pluto and Mercury, btw, are trine to one another, and while this overall pattern isn’t one of the big ‘uh oh’ patterns, it is significant.

Trines are easy, and let energy move and slip ‘n slide everywhere. We can get lazy when there’s a trine in town. Sextile is like a trine, but there’s an edge of needing to work a little bit to get the benefit there.

This would be a good time to journal and write out your five year plan! Dream big and put it on paper. Divination practices will also flow like butter, so give that a whirl if you feel the urge.


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