Intuitive Tarot

I’ve been reading tarot since 1996.

Intuitive Tarot starts here
My copy of Spiritual Tarot from 1996.

Which, incidentally, was my freshman year of high school. I picked up a book on tarot at the university bookstore on a whim. The title was Spiritual Tarot Seventy Eight Paths to Personal Development, and I still have no idea why it was on the shelf at the campus bookstore, between Texas A&M branded mugs and hooded sweatshirts, but I sure am glad I found it and decided to pick it up. That book guided my approach to reading tarot, and then other forms of divination.

Tarot History

What most tarot readers use in modern terms is a deck of cards usually derived from the Rider-Waite tarot deck. The Rider Waite was published in 1910, based on the occult practices and symbolism of the Ordo Templi Orientalis, or OTO. With the rise of interest in the occult in the late 1800’s came a renewal of enthusiasm for archaic divinitory practices. Tarot, or, as it was originally known, trionfi, has been around since the mid 1400’s. 

Intuitive vs Prescriptive Reading

Since the cards have existed in one form or another for centuries, the meanings of the cards are well known. In a prescriptive reading, the cards are interpreted by their traditional meaning, slanted by their position in the layout. Intuitive tarot, on the other hand, is read without referencing the traditional meanings of the cards. When I read intuitively, I’ll be drawn to one aspect of a card, and interpret the meaning from cues in the cards, the layout, and even my own intuition. Sometimes the cards are a mere prompt to help guide my intuition. And, when in doubt, I fall back on the prescriptive meanings, to help get my mind and intuition working in the correct direction.

You can contact me for a reading!

The tarot can be a fantastic tool for guiding your interpersonal growth and spiritual advancement. Give it a try! Remember: a three card reading with me is just $5.


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