Breaking Hiatus

I took an unintended extended break from all things spiritual and juicy.

For a lot of folks on the left end of the political spectrum in the US, things have just been so overwhelming. I got involved with a local activist group, signed up for a rapid response immigration activist group, flirted with being on the board of a GLBT+ organization in town, tried my hand at volunteering with the local animal shelter, and tried to hunker down and make my corner of the world a little bit better. I’ve been busy, and yet still feel like I could be doing more, making more of an impact in the world. Busy, yet not busy enough.

A month or so ago, I joined a witchcraft group on Facebook.

I’d forgotten how earnest and energetic young pagans can be, and how just… nice it is to interact with people who know the same basic stuff about the world as I. Teaching about paganism and witchcraft, even if just as a comment to someone asking a simple question, has refreshed me and given energy back to my heart. It’s been good, and has been the direct impetus for waking the blog back up again.

Today is the Full Moon in Pisces, the September Harvest Moon.

onions, peppers, green beans, and potatoes, all fresh from a home garden.
In honor of the Harvest Moon, check out my garden harvest!

I didn’t intend to use the full moon to catapult myself back into doing witchery stuff online, publicly, and yet here I am. Honestly, this month has been financially disastrous: work is just slow, and I’m faced with some hard choices. I’ve applied for second jobs with several companies, so hopefully some new energy there will help. And I’m about to be a total pest and promote my Tarot readings all over the place, too.

I’d love to read for you, but I also need to pay my bills.

I’ve done the professional Tarot reader gig before, and it’s fun, exhausting, and challenging. I try to limit the number of readings I do in a day, or week, because they do take a lot of effort and energy from me. Check out the How To Hire Me page if you’re interested in a reading.

I hope everyone out there has enough to pay their bills, get tasty food to eat, and enough safety and shelter to be content.


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