Cooking with Dried Beans; Pandemic Cooking 3

So, you panicked and bought a bunch of dried beans, and now you’re trying to cook them. And what you’ve got there is a pot full of hard, gummy, possibly crunchy, nuggets of sadness. Hopefully you at least googled dried bean cooking before you got started, but if you didn’t, it’s ok. Failure and mistakes…

Pandemic Cooking 1: Freezer Burned Rescue

In times of stress and uncertainty, I suddenly become my Nana, and cook all the things. Here’s some wisdom from my Nana, and from experience, about how to deal with meat that’s freezer burned; you don’t need to throw it out, you can still salvage it!

Wheel of the Year Tarot Reading

Learn about the Wheel of the Year Tarot Reading! Why is a limited scope valuable, and how accurate is any tarot reading for the future?

Energy Work Basics

Learn about energy work, the basics and structure, and how to visualize and hold energy. Kitchen witchery, chaos magic, and ceremonial magic(k) forms!

Sigils and Magical Art

Learn how to create and use a sigil! From famous sigils in history to modern magical use, the basics of sigil construction are easy to learn and can take practice to master.

Sage and Smudging

How to perform a smoke cleanse; why is sage smudging culturally appropriative, and how do you avoid being negative towards other cultures?

Healing the Community

The role of a Shaman is that of a healer. Shamans heal people, communities, systems, the world as a whole… As such, their healing is an expression of compassion. We’ve already discussed Idiot Compassion, the notion that sometimes the most compassionate thing you can do for another human being is to ignore what they’ve asked…