Ritual and Spell Structure

In addition to the beginning energy work class I created, I also made advanced lessons. Here is one of them. Ritual and Spell Structure When it comes to the underlying structure of rituals and spells, there are some similarities and common themes that you will find useful when designing and creating your own rituals and…

Divination and Worship as Energy Work

As I mentioned in the beginning of this course, Energy Work takes on three forms: Magick, Divination, and Worship. We’re gonna talk about Divination and Worship in this lesson, and cram a whole lot of information into a very short space. I want to make it clear, however, that Divination and Worship both deserve just…

Alternative Energy Work Methods

Alternative Grounding and Centering If you’ve had trouble with grounding and centering, you’re likely to have some issues with other forms of energy work, too. I’ve had a discussion with a student in the classroom and it’s brought to light some issues around neurodivergent people and what we call ‘normal’ vs ‘altered’ states of consciousness,…

Clearing, Cleansing, Banishing

One of the major operations of witchcraft and occultism involves clearing energy from spaces, things, and people, as well as banishing or removing ‘negative’ energies. Before we get into exactly how one does these things, let’s talk about what we mean when we say we need to cleanse. Negative Energies I’ll be talking about ‘negative’…

Raising Energy

Are you ready to raise energy? Do you know where and how to begin? Learn about energy work from the basics to the advanced techniques.

Spells 101

What is a spell? In Spirit of the Witch; Religion and Spirituality in Contemporary Witchcraft, Raven Grimassi writes that “the essential formula for magic is that three things are needed in order for manifestation to take place: time, space, and energy.” A spell is, broadly speaking, the framework in which energy is directed to cause…

Teaching Energy Work

I joined a witchcord server, and started teaching Energy Work, and now you get to benefit!

Energy Work Basics

Learn about energy work, the basics and structure, and how to visualize and hold energy. Kitchen witchery, chaos magic, and ceremonial magic(k) forms!

Energetic Cleansing Methods

An expansion of a 2017 post on smoke cleansing, this time with more nuance and detail on energetic cleansing vs grounding and centering.

The Give-Away

Let me start by acknowledging right up front that I’m not a member of a First Nations Tribe, so any understanding that I have of First Nations spirituality is to be taken with a huge helping of salt. The give-away is a spiritual practice for First Peoples that was outlawed for many years in a…